Based in London and Bedfordshire.

I graduated from Shillington College London in July 2019 and I am now establishing myself as a freelance designer. I am also currently enrolled on the Created In Motion Design program at Created Academy in order to expand my skills in motion design and animation. 

My interests lie in digital and illustrative design as well as motion and animation. I also enjoy branding and working on creating visual identities. One of my ambitions is to contribute to large scale, multi-collateral branding projects.

Other skills and interests include photography and screen printing. I hold a three year Diploma course qualification in Commercial Photography and I worked in various photographic studios in my early career. I have also had a successful management level career in a variety of Technical IT and Project Management roles in the Luxury Fashion sector.

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The images and illustrations on this site showcase some of the work I produced during my time at Shillington and are purely of a non-commercial, conceptual nature. Contact me if you would like to view and discuss the full body of work I produced.

Credits: Laundrette branding photographic images and mockup courtesy Adobe Stock and Creative Market. Corporate Report mockup courtesy mockups-design.com. All other images and illustrations are my own work.